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Dr Crouch undertakes a wide range of cardiac, thoracic and adult congenital cardiac surgical procedures, specialising in adult and paediatric surgery, valve replacement and repair (including minimally invasive procedures), coronary bypass surgery, aortic surgery and both open and video-assisted thoracic surgery.  He has a special interest in adult congenital repair surgery, as well as rheumatic heart disease.

Dr Crouch graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2007 and completed his surgical residency at Royal Adelaide Hospital. He followed this with Cardiothoracic Surgery Registrar training at Royal Adelaide Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre while completing his Masters of Surgery at Flinders University from 2011 to 2014.

In 2015 and 2016, Dr Crouch continued his Cardiothoracic Registrar experience at St Vincent’s Health Network in Sydney before receiving further senior registrar training in Heart and Lung Transplant as well as ventricular assist device training. In 2017 he moved to Auckland District Health Board, as a senior Fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery, where he gained experience in paediatric and adult congenital cardiac surgery.

In February 2019 he was appointed as a staff specialist in cardiothoracic and congenital surgery at Royal Adelaide Hospital and in February 2020, Dr Crouch was appointed staff specialist in cardiothoracic and congenital surgery at Flinders Medical Centre. Since joining FMC, Dr Crouch has been instrumental in establishing the hospital’s minimally invasive thoracic surgery program as well as South Australia’s first organ retrieval service for heart and lung transplantation, in concert with transplant units interstate. He also has an appointment at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for paediatric ECMO and non-bypass cardiac operations.

Dr Crouch regularly visits Darwin to undertake thoracic surgery at Royal Darwin Hospital and to consult on both cardiac and thoracic referrals.

He is the current RACS supervisor of training at Flinders Medical Centre.

In 2019, Dr Crouch joined Adelaide Cardiothoracic.

Surgical services are undertaken at:


Professional Qualifications

  • MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Adelaide
  • MS – Master of Surgery, Flinders University
  • FRACS – Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • FANZSCTS – Fellow, Australian and New Zealand Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons
  • FCSANZ – Fellow, Cardiac Society Australia and New Zealand


Professional Associations

  • Member – Scholarship Advisory Board, Avant Mutual
  • Consultant – Johnson & Johnson Medical